Rangkul Keluarga Kita (Family Volunteers Program)

A project by Yayasan Rangkul Keluarga Kita

Rangkul Keluarga Kita Program is involving parents as volunteers to become agent of change in society promoting practical of positive parenting.
Rangkul Keluarga Kita (Family Volunteers Program) is a program that recruiting, training and managing volunteers to campaign positive parenting practical among societies. Volunteers are selected from local champion in their societies. They are trained to become agent of change in society who can promote and enforce people to apply positive parenting in their family. All training contents are developed by experts from Yayasan Rangkul Keluarga Kita and partners. Volunteers whom mostly parents, are also engaged to facilitate parenting discussion, by online and offline sessions, that can involve parents, teachers and others who interested to join. Yayasan Rangkul Keluarga Kita believe that effective way for parents to learn parenting is by learning it from other parents' experiences.

Volunteers are also enforced to collaborate their work with local governments, school, organization, media and other stakeholders that can help promoting practical of positive parenting in societies.

The outcomes of this program are involving many people to promote practical of positive parenting in societies and to aim behavioral change of parents and other family members who involved in fostering children.

Starts from 2016, there are 832 volunteers who join Rangkul Keluarga Kita (Family Volunteers Program), worked with local governments, organizations, corporations, schools and media. Since joining and implementing this program, volunteers have positively changed in maintaining their family relationship, practicing positive discipline and supporting their children ability in problem solving.
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About the Organization /Team

Pioneered since 2013, Yayasan Rangkul Keluarga Kita was founded by family education experts and parents who have had decades of experience in the world of child and family education.
The vision of the Rangkul Keluarga Kita Foundation is to create an Indonesian family who learns and is empowered so that Indonesian children grow happy, independent and intelligent. Yayasan Rangkul Keluarga Kita missions are:
1. Providing family education access to widest possible extent for Indonesian families
2. Implementing a sustainable family education program
3. Developing family education content that can meet parents' needs
4. Involving various stakeholders to support and disseminate family education program
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Realated SDGs
4 Quality Education