Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE) Index Partner HIV Testing

A project by The DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) Namibia

• Approach - Community-based Index Partner HIV Testing
• Impact - Greatly improved HIV case finding rate and linkage to treatment
The aim of the TCE program is that “only people can liberate themselves from AIDS the epidemic”. Through its initial years of operation, the program focused on door-to-door operations to reach individuals and families in underserviced rural communities.
In 2017, in cooperation with CDC,TCE implementation model was adjusted and optimized to maximize its effectiveness against the evolving epidemic conditions in Namibia. This encompassed moving towards a more targeted testing, linkage and retention approach which focusses on Index Partner HIV Testing, Prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission (PMTCT) services, HIV treatment defaulter tracing and return to HIV treatment initiatives for those patients who have stopped their treatment.
The transition towards Index Partner HIV Testing from generalized HIV testing has in the most recent quarterly reporting period delivered an exceptionally high case finding rate of 18%, the success of DAPPs innovative Index Partner HIV Testing strategy has been so successful that the testing model is now being rolled-out to all PEPFAR implementing partners in Namibia.
Namibia has an HIV prevalence of 12.6% within the total population, with particular effect on marginalized groups such as women, girls and youth. The TCE program targets people at growth points and informal settlements around towns where at times basic public services are hard for people to access. Due to these realities, the programme has a tremendous positive effect for people in rural areas and those in towns that are marginalized or being stigmatized because of their HIV status.
TCE program works in close cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Services to provide HIV Testing and associated services to underserviced communities.
In addition, the program works on HIV prevention and retention in care initiatives and also on the prevention of Mother to Child HIV Transmission. An additional focus of the TCE program is Tuberculosis screening.

About the Organization /Team

Initiating operations in 1990 DAPP Namibia has grown to become the leading domestic implementer of community-based development activities within the country and as such has an unparalleled ability to reach targeted populations in the 7 regions of Namibia where it operates.
DAPP Namibia is committed to conducting all of its community development projects in a highly effective, efficient, and financially accountable manner and because of this it has an excellent track record of delivering upon its programmatic commitments and delivering excellent value to those who support it and to the communities it serves.
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