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Within an interconnected SDG context, we empower young people with innovative approaches and opportunities for sharing their stories about meaningful topics.
From different countries and generations, the members of SDG 5 Thrive! share one goal: inspiring people across the world to act on issues that matter.

Our first project was a 2018 United Nations conference exploring the connection between different SDGs while live streaming to universities on four continents. Since then, SDG 5 Thrive! has performed a theater piece for global political leaders and university students, designed SDG-related workshops, held presentations at educational institutions, spoken at museum events, joined a corporate gathering focused on SDG partnerships, and done so much more.

Migration issues are often a theme in our work as four of us have experienced being a refugee firsthand.

Individually, we have been the subject of documentaries, used performance art to inspire the public about migration topics, and moderated a peace event for thousands of participants. As individuals, we have promoted cultural sharing among youth, supported refugees in adapting to new surroundings, and developed innovative social media platforms.

Our mix is the storytelling magic.

In just one year, individually and together, we have touched tens of thousands of lives with the SDG 5 Thrive! approach: ‘Sharing Stories. Creating Awareness. Building Bridges.’ We have developed resources ranging from compelling digital reports to engaging SDG curriculum, and we’ve connected with media globally.

About the name? ‘SDG 5’ was founded by five women focused on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls. ‘Thrive!’ means advancing positive growth and meaningful interactions. It means overcoming adversity with wisdom, patience… and fun.

Innovation flows from our diversity. We see the SDGs as living, breathing goals with their own natural connections. We know that individual transformation leads to profound societal change.

And we believe that change starts with sharing stories...

About the Organization /Team

Five women drive SDG 5 Thrive!

Author and educator Heather Wokusch serves as mentor for this team of talented young women who have experienced refugee issues firsthand (alphabetically): Rania Ali (journalist who filmed her escape to Europe), Doaa Al Zamel (speaker and subject of a major book), Nour Barakeh (artist and playwright), and Suad Mohamed (public healthcare advocate and linguist). From diverse sections of society, we have joined to highlight SDG interconnections in tackling social challenges.

We are scaling, adding more members and topic areas.
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