Climate Smart Action ‘Saung Iklim’ for Small Holders’ Farmers

A project by Center of Disaster Study, Bogor Agricultural University

Assessing Option, Taking Options, Let’s Adapt
Saung Iklim aims on enhancement of knowledge and capacity of farmers to manage climate risks through the employment of climate-smart actions on (1) utilizing crop simulation model for tactical management on farming activities, (2) providing climatic driven tools to enhance farmers’ capacity on managing climate risk in the fields, (3) supporting the established Tim Iklim to apply climate-smart actions in the farmers’ demo plot as a learning-showcase, (4) enhancing awareness of farmers and extension workers to collect and document farming issues and strategies through digital reporting system, and (5) recommending lesson learnt for applying climate-smart actions.
Saung Iklim has been initiated since 2016 in Subang, West Java, Indonesia. In the initial phase, the team first analyze the risk and vulnerability of the agricultural sector due to climate change. Furthermore, we involved local actors (farmers, agricultural extension workers, researchers, and government) in Subang District to summarize the options of possible agriculture adaptation actions. By intensive meetings and dialogues with the actors, we developed innovative learning about climate, disasters, and agriculture in the form of a prototype, website (, and training. In 2017, the Subang climate task force was officially formed with a decree from the regent of Subang.
Until now, saung iklim is still running with the support of the government of Subang by synchronizing with several regional programs. The Center for Disaster Studies is also active in improving climate task force tools, especially websites so that more farmers can benefit from saung iklim and try to duplicate these activities in other regions and try to advocate at the provincial and national levels.

About the Organization /Team

The Center for Disaster Studies is one of the study centers under Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia which has the mission: (1) contributing to various rehabilitation activities, evaluating impacts and risks, assessing the resilience of various disasters, (2) encouraging various innovations in IPB in perspective of hatred in Indonesia as one of the instruments in reviewing, mitigating, evacuating, rehabilitating, reconstructing, advocating, and resilient from disaster, (3) encouraging the growth of a spirit of caring for risk and disaster in a sustainable development perspective, (4) contributing to various initiative research, development and hate policies in Indonesia.
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Realated SDGs
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 8 Decent work and economic growth 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 13 Climate Action