We teach people about Tolerance, Unity and Acceptance of different Cultures through interesting videos. So far, we have reached over 20 million people worldwide
Our Project started in March 2015 after my sister and I faced the greatest color and gender discrimination of our lives. As two black females living in a predominately white neighborhood where sexism, gender inequality and discrimination was the norm, we decided to stand up against it instead of shying away from it. We didn’t just want to confront this situation in our neighborhood because a lot of people around the world go through similar issues too. Therefore, we decided to reach out to a larger audience to educate people on tolerance, love, unity and respect for different cultures. And that was how we started making youtube videos. Our first video aired on March 21,2016 to celebrate and raise awareness about the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Since then, our channel has grown to have over 51,000 subscribers and about 5 million views from across the World. Our aim is to spread our message of Peace and Tolerance to everyone.Thankfully, we are gradually achieving that. My sister and I work so hard to brainstorm creative topics and ideas that would be interesting to watch. Then, we write the script, record, edit and upload the videos on youtube.Our videos are an interesting combination of music from different countries, cultural foods and dances, trivia games and street interviews featuring people of diverse nationalities. With our approach, we are being able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, in a fun, subtle and interactive way. So far, the feedback has been very positive. We receive e-mails and messages on Instagram and Facebook from people across the World, telling us how we’ve impacted their lives and helped them to be more open-minded and accepting of other cultures and races.

About the Organization /Team

Presently, we are made up of a 4-man team. My sister and I are the founders. We do the brainstorming of ideas and come up with creative topics. We also do the scriptwriting, recording, editing and posting of the videos. We are also in charge of the post-production phase and managing of the team’s social media accounts. The other two members of our team include the cameraman and our official translator who translates our videos from English to Turkish.
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Realated SDGs
10 Reduced Inequalities 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions