SDGs: The Rising- Building Communities Together

A project by Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara, Punjab, India

SDGs:The Rising-Building Communities Together created awareness in 74 villages, impacted 2,72,345 lakh people Skyped 47 countries, reached 526 Global audience
“SDGs: The Rising- Building Communities Together” is a journey to meet UN2030 Agenda. It is a journey were collaboration bloomed. It is a journey filled with contentment. It is a journey of SDG empowerment in the school and aim to create a generation of Educators, Learners & Neighborhood community, today who understand SDG’s and have Knowledge, Skill and Attitude to promote Sustainable Development among others through Education by living a Sustainable Human Life. The target was 65 neighborhood villages where our students reside, 115 local schools of Jalandhar Sahodaya Schools cluster, local NGO’s & International Partner Schools. 2,72,345 lakh people were impacted. 1600+ students and 98 educators of Kamla Nehru Public School are involved in Building SDG Communities using Visual & Performing Art. The SDGs journey started in December 2015 when the Head Teacher was introduced to SDG’s during British Council Leadership Training. Grade VIII took up SDGs as its class project in May 2016. Whole School approach for SDG was showcased during the Annual Exhibition “The Learning Market Place” in May 2017. Visited UN Headquarters in July 2017 which resulted the K-12 curriculum being mapped with SDGs in January 2018. Special Assemblies all focusing on SDGs through Visual & Performing Arts is sheer innovation & creativity. It is hands on SDGs by students, educators & communities through, dance, music, street play, art & sports. We do not learn SDGs but live SDGs. We Practice, Preach & Promote SDGs. The impact is unknowingly the students, educators, and their families have embraced SDGs. Students have their own voice. They are working to be Global Citizens. Now respect difference amongst them. Show more tolerant and respectful behaviour amongst them in school and in their families. “SDGs: The Rising- Building Communities Together” is scripting history which millions would read.
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About the Organization /Team

“SDG: The Rising- Building Communities Together” represents Kamla Nehru Public School, situated in a non-descript village Chak Hakim, Phagwara, Punjab, India. The School caters to first generation learners of 65+ neighbourhood villages. The School is Practicing, Preaching & Promoting UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals since May 2016. The SDG Action team comprises of Head Teacher, 2 Assistant Head Teacher and 9 Co-ordinators. The SDG Action team is Co-powered by Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala, FINDOC Financial Services Group, Ludhiana, Glamanand Entertainment PVT LTD., ENO-Finland, 10 Local NGOs, Jalandhar Sahodaya Schools Complex (115 registered member schools).
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