Elimination of poverty through sustainable activities

A project by Secovilla

We the Secovilla members believe that an effective small effort can change the world.
Bangladesh, a young nation that has just recently fulfilled the Millennium Development Goals(MDGs). Now as she focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals,2030 visioned by the UN, her first task is the complete eradication of poverty. Primarily focusing on rural people living considerably below the poverty line, we've initiated project "Secovilla" in a small village called "Sandwip-para", located in Chattogram district, near Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET). The project is run by the students of CUET. Our target is to implement engineering methods to obtain sustainability. The idea of this project sprouted because of our dream to create a "Zero Poverty" Bangladesh. We shared our plan asked for support from our Alumni members and they appreciated our approach, heartily providing us with fundings and valuable suggestions. Along with the help of our honorable professor Dr. G.M Sadiqul Islam, we've created a platform where university students can contribute to society besides their academic activities. Starting from July 20,2018, we visit the village every Friday and provide our services. We've surveyed Sandwip-para and pointed out the major problems. We've found that the village women don't contribute to the family income. When we discussed with them they seemed interested in sewing clothes and making handicrafts, starting with the traditional "Nakshikatha"(Embroidered Quilt). So we've provided them with sewing machines and other necessary equipment. Now the village women are becoming self-dependent by making products and earning money. More importantly, they are contributing to their families, to the society. We also run a free school for underprivileged poor students there. Next in our list are zero hunger, hygiene, sanitation, quality education, clean energy and many more. So, as you can see, we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Any kind of support is much appreciated. We've got a country to build. A sustainable one.

About the Organization /Team

President-Md. Reasad Samrat;
Vice president-Priya Chowdhury;
General secretary-Ashiqul Alam Shuvo;
Joint general secretary-M Islam Tanveer;
Organizing secretary-Ashfaq Jahan Tanzim;
Finance and budget management -Sayed Istiaque Ahamed;
Joint finance and budget management-Md. Toufique Hossain Jahidy;
Publication secretary-Aseaya Khanom Mim;
Joint publication secretary-Md.Ariful Islam;
Education secretary-Samia Alam;
Joint education secretary-Emtiaj Uddin Emon;
Additional education secretary-MD.Ahasan ullah Sakib;
Women affair-Mst. Zarin Tasnim;
Photography and Documentation chief- Md.Tanzim Hossain;
Advertising Secretary-Shunan Mashrur Mikdat;
Joint advertising secretary-Md. Farhan-Al-Rihan
Project CategoryConnector
Realated SDGs
4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 8 Decent work and economic growth