Lime (Limitless Mentors)

A project by Limitless KWB (Knowledge Without Borders)

A mobile-based educational gateway that integrates mentorship into higher education allowing graduates to stand out in a competitive & changing global market
Lime is a mobile-app that addresses the gap between educational outputs and market needs in developing countries, by providing mentoring programs for university students that are going into the workfield and connecting them with a pool of local & international experts, whom are committed to mentor those students and provide them with career guidance, through a series of live video mentoring sessions.

Education has been and remains the primary platform for socioeconomic development. By integrating mentorship and career guidance into education, Lime ensures that students are provided with a wholistic educational experience, which will result in the creation of a more skillful labour force whom are highly beneficial for development of their countries.

In developing countries students lack access to “knowledge-building” & career guidance opportunities. As a result recent graduates have difficulty finding jobs that are compatible with their qualifications & face many issues in the workplace, causing them to quickly switch from one company to the other & creating high turnover rates. Thus, career guidance in the form of mentorship for students at the university levels is an important component in developing their skills, confidence, & improving their domain of learning into the appropriate direction of their future careers.

With Lime, each mentor-mentee relationship is unique based on the student’s individual circumstances, chosen field of study & career goals. Over a 12-month period, students receive two one-on-one mentoring sessions/month, and have the ability to connect with more than one mentor, providing them with more room for growth, more advise, & opinions that can help them shape a better view of the world.

In a short period, Lime received recognitions for its innovation, significance, & feasibility, with the latest being from the World Bank & Wharton University as one of 14 innovations to solve the world's toughest problems.

About the Organization /Team

Founded by Hasan Qasem and Dina Shakir, Lime was established with the mission of working on behalf of all youth to ensure they receive have high quality educational options.

The Lime team is comprised of top-tier professional national and international experts in the fields of Education Reform, Youth Employment, Economic Empowerment, Women Inclusion, and ICT, with over 25 years of collective experience.

Hasan Qasem: Business Founder | Business Psychologist | Keynote Speaker | Social Innovation Consultant | Executive Coach | Leadership Mentor

Dina Shakir: Industrial Engineer | Entrepreneur | Innovation Rascal | ICT Expert | Economic Empowerment Specialist | Education Development Expert
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