Youth SDG Action

A project by Youth for Sustainable Impact

A first in Asian region, YSI built a multi-stakeholder campaign for the SDGs across the country, capturing over 10000 MY World Survey opinions (offline+online)
Inspired from the previous edition of the UN SDG Festival last year which ignited the spark of change that brought together passionate youth to create Youth for Sustainable Impact (YSI). YSI is a youth-led organization working to catalyze the revolution to achieve the SDGs by 2030. With our main focus being on education, women empowerment, youth engagement, climate change, environmental issues and human rights, We aim to increase awareness and educate communities about how and why to take action for the SDGs. We maximize the potential of people to encourage stakeholders for achieving SDGs. We have conducted numerous sessions in various institutions in and outside India, interacting with thousands of youth, helping them to take action for SDGs. YSI also collects opinions (over 10000 till date) and views from the people, analyses them and uses that data to influence the policy making process. It is also used to formulate solutions to various problems at the ground level and to promote local governance.

This is first of it’s kind campaign in Asian region to promote SDGs through training and advisory they provide to citizens in order to elaborate concrete solutions to fulfill the SDGs. Accordingly, the project is a partner of the UN SDG Action Campaign for the MY World initiative in the Asia region and is currently involved in projects with educational institutions. Their active engagement in various institutes and villages in India and Indonesia have motivated many youth to take action for SDGs in their own communities. The aim here is to push for the SDGs in an innovative way, create a network of leaders and gather the maximum of votes and stories that translate citizens’ voices.

YSI also helps the youth and students with career guidance and life education along with education about SDGs to support them.

About the Organization /Team

Inspired from the UN SDG Action festival last year, which ignited a spark in people from all over India, YSI was formed. With the founders Kishore and Neha having personally experienced various issues, the whole team shares a common vision to create a positive impact for a better future by being the change. They aim to break barriers and represent the voices of people to the leaders.
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