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A project by Imagina Coletivo

Imagine2030 is a movement of people who believe this exciting future is possible and are committed to take action to make it happen.
2030 is a short deadline and it carries an ambitious goal: to solve all planet's major problems. If you focus on recent news about what's happening in Brazil you may think that this could never happen. But everyday we meet people who believe that this future is possible and who are taking action to make it happen. Imagine2030 is a movement of people that share this belief, are aware of their power as changemakers and want to build this exciting future.

To bring this movement to life, we are focusing on:
_ creating a strong positive narrative around the 2030 Agenda, bring it closer to the people. To do so we are producing content (short videos, podcasts, e-book, film) sharing stories, ideias and experiences of people who are innovating and leading this change in order to inspire and mobilize other people.

_ building a network of changemakers we call Antennas. To be an Antenna means to actively be part of the movement, acting locally and engaging people from their personal network. People connect with us through Whatsapp and engage in a journey to unleash or to potentialize their power to promote change. We also promote connections between the Antennas based on territory or subject/SDG of interest.

The project has only started 8 weeks ago and we already have over 200 Antennas from more than 55 brazilian cities and 4 countries (Australia, US, Japan, Portugal). Our goal is to become a global movement mobilizing all people that imagine and believe that this future is possible. So far we've been able to have conversations about the 2030 Agenda with many people that were not aware that it existed. The feedback has been great and people are excited to be part of a positive movement that guide them to take real action.

About the Organization /Team

Imagina Coletivo and Belive.Earth teamed up to bring Imagine2030 to life. Imagina Coletivo is a brazilian non-profit that exists to activate people's power as changemakers, having our ability to imagine a better world as our guide. Believe.Earth fosters positive narratives, to strengthen socio-environmental causes, building partnerships and co-creating campaigns with other groups around the world.

Imagina is leading the project and set up a diverse team of researchers, videomakers, communicators, designers with different backgrounds and from different brazilian regions. Part of our team are recognized activists in different causes.
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Realated SDGs
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality 6 Clean Water & Sanitation 7 Affordable & Clean Energy 8 Decent work and economic growth 9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 10 Reduced Inequalities 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 13 Climate Action 14 Life Below Water 15 Life on Land 16 Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions 17 Partnerships for the Goals ALL SDGs