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Our creative approach can be summarized as application of design thinking to solve problems. KAIRO'S consistent body of work & awards provide evidence of impact
KAIRO was founded in November 2016 by Akio Morita Sanga with the objective of providing unique and innovative designed brands for Africans and the African diaspora in Asia. Since KAIRO’s inception, the project has successfully branded different African events, individuals, startups and companies in Asia. 2018 was the year the project took full flight by working on high profile startups and innovative projects such as the 2018 Shanghai Black Expo, Shanghai Black Fashion week (thesbfw.com), Bgreenie (make the earth green again) and the International African Fashion Show have an impact for foreign brands. The designs were created using different Adobe software’s such as: Photoshop, Adobe illustrator and Adobe After Effects. The work is transformative because design is the foundation of visual communication. In this era, visual communication is vital in business and quality design improves the business persona of African business. We need to rebrand African businesses with our own design aesthetics in the global market in order to end what the world perceives about our people and open their eyes to the real Africa and its potential. KAIRO’s impact has been to open up the world, particularly to China, to see the different businesses in Africa and for the world to see how m innovative, diverse and talented we are. In 2018, KAIRO was recognized in China by winning Africa Asia Awards, Entrepreneur of Change from the Zambian Embassy and Global Student Entrepreneur Award. The designs we do are innovative because we combine different kinds of logo styles, elements and use African cultural colors to make brands. KAIRO’S work is transformative because it leverages businesses in digital marketing by providing the visuals that captivate audiences across social media platforms. Social media impact is very important in business today

About the Organization /Team

KAIRO was founded to create innovative products and services with graphics design at the core of the brand
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