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Inspiring stories, accessible science and practical solutions that show how we can create a prosperous, fair and sustainable future
In the coming decades, will we be mired in wars over natural resources? Or will we find solutions to live in balance with nature? It's easy feel paralysed by the bad news we see in our newsfeeds. However, we at Believe.Earth have chosen the path of possibility. We want to invert this narrative and present proactive and inspiring people, and fill the world with references and images of what is possible.

Based on the concept of solutions journalism, Believe.Earth is committed to providing content that shows how we can live in a prosperous, fair, inclusive and sustainable society. We present people and projects that change their local reality. We produce long pieces with stories, discoveries and information that help make this possible. We offer accessible science and solutions that are applicable in daily life. We are proactive: we don't hide the problem, but rather focus on what is doable and replicable, on solutions developed by science, technology and traditional knowledge.

Our content is published in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), and undergoes extensive research and fact checking. All our stories are inspired by the UN's 17 SDGs, and are produced by a network of journalists in more than ten countries. We develop content in a variety of formats: educational videos, short documentaries, infographics, comics... All so our message can "burst the bubble," and bring high quality, accessible content to audiences of different ages and backgrounds.
We began our work in September of 2017, when the project was launched at the RockInRio festival. Since then, we have gathered hundreds of inspiring stories, accessible science and practical solutions to show that there are many paths and lots of people taking action.

Showing that we are many can stave off the inertia in those who feel alone. Nobody is alone.

About the Organization /Team

Believe.Earth a project by Alana, a Brazilian non-governmental organization focusing on environmental impact that promotes children's right to integral development and new forms of wellbeing.

Believe's goal is to create positive narratives, strengthening social and environmental causes by co-creating campaigns and working with partners. Among our initiatives is the content website, which has an internal team responsible for coordinating, editing, fact checking, and handling social media, and a team of freelance collaborators consisting of journalists, photographers, videomakers, designers and translators spread around more than ten countries.
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