SPORADIST (SCORP Preparing Disaster Management Responsive Team)

A project by Center for Indonesian Medical Students' Activities

SPORADIST as the initial and promotive effort of health workers in developing a culture of disaster preparedness.
Center for Indonesian Medical Student in Medical faculty of Andalas University has been created SPORADIST (SCORP Preparing Disaster Management Responsive Team) as an initial effort in pre and post disaster management in the city of Padang, for the earthquake and tsunami natural disasters, as a fact of geographical and geological factors in the city of Padang which is very vulnerable to these two disasters.
SPORADIST is one of the Sustainable Project with a focus on the Disaster Management area, especially pre and post Disaster. The aims to empower DMRT (Disaster Management Responsive Team) cadres in the previous year through active sharing on Disaster Management Preparation, Disaster Preparedness Education and Training, Early Warning and Disaster Mitigation as a stage in Pre-Disaster Management. Meanwhile, Post-Disaster candidates for DMRT cadres are given Health Care material, in the form of emergency first aid in the event of a disaster according to the limits of the ability of junior high school students. The target chosen is students. This is very important as a first step to prepare and reduce the occurrence of mortality due to unpreparedness in facing disasters. The selected school is in the red zone which is a very high risk area for earthquakes and tsunamis.
SPORADIST had 4 interventions and 1 follow up. Intervention 1 on August 31 , 2018 was in the form of material debriefing from BPBD and HET for SCORP CIMSA BEM KM FK UNAND members on disaster mitigation, Pre-Disaster and Post-Disaster research.


About the Organization /Team

CIMSA is a medical students organization in Indonesia. Since its establishment in 2001, CIMSA (Center for Indonesian Medical Students Activities) has gained recognition from the General Director of Higher Education from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in 2002. CIMSA is comprised of 8000+ members from 23 medical faculties in Indonesia. CIMSA also aims to improve the qualities of Indonesian medical students nationally and globally through our affiliation with International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA).
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