Cameroon GCE Guide (Improving Quality Education)

A project by Light-Gate Solutions, Inc.

Mobile App for providing examination resources to students at the secondary and High schools in the country. And as impact, we have improved Quality Education.
- AIM OF PROJECT: mobile app for guiding and providing student in Cameroon undergoing the General Certificate of Education Exams with past exams questions so they can revise easily from their mobile devices.

- Who is targeted/impacted by your work and where: Secondary and High schools students are targeted also including teachers.

- Who is involved and how are they involved? The app development team, Students, teachers, are involved. The development team builds the app, markets it and students get to use it in school.

- When and how did the project start? This project started earlier in 2018 when I and my team said down after getting and analysing the difficulites students faced inorder to get examination past questions, resources, orientation and alot more, which this has been leading to poor perfomance and results at their examinations. We concluded to build a simple mobile app to bring about a change and Quality Education. This app provides students with all their resources, they need for their exams.

- How do you do it? We built a simple mobile app which students currently download now from Google Play store anywhere they're then open the app to access their examination past questions, orientations, subject syllabus, study tips, stress management, and a lot more. They require no internet to use this app, it's just simple.

-How is your initiative innovative? Our initiative is innovative because we have not had this in the country so far. In Cameroon nothing of this has been known, also students have access to everything from their comfort.

- How is it transformative? We are making this a Facebook for students.

- What has been the impact? 5,000+ actively use this platform, #1 Trending Education App on Google Play Store, in previous months. We also won Best Mobile App Award twice in the country.

About the Organization /Team

NAME OF ORGANIZATION: Light-Gate Solutions Founded by Felix Fomengia. We're a startup company which provide quality Mobile Application development at competitive rates. Fast, efficient and reliable, our team provides the kind of caring attention to your story that you do yourse
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