ICS Program

A project by VSO Nepal

In context of this program as a member of the team i was an active showing enthusiasm to the success of the program.
ICS is a part of the International Citizen Service funded by the UK department for international development (DFID)The cross-cultural youth volunteering program between the UK and Nepal giving the unique opportunity to work for youth aged between 18 & 25 years, as volunteer in a small community development projects for entire 12 weeks.
The targeted groups of this project is rural community groups and pubic\ government schools schools. With the collaboration to local NGO RCF Nepal and different local clubs ICS kavre Q11 cycle was successfully took place. the main impact of this program is providing back ground for quality education and social awareness in community.

About the Organization /Team

VSO is the world's leading independent international development organization that offers volunteers the chance to work abroad to fight poverty, illiteracy and health awareness program.
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Realated SDGs
4 Quality Education