Pygmies 4 SDGs


SDGs in Pygmies language enable them to well undertand the message and the benefits for their lives and community. Well understood it pushes them to action
Pygmies 4 Sustainable Development Goals is a project that aims to engage Pygmies to better understand the SDGs in order to contribute to the achievements of the SDGs, Explain what the SDGs are and why they are important for their Community; Encourage Pygmies to develop their own traditional knowledge to contribute to sustainable development in their environement.
Our target are the Pygmies people living in the vast forests of the Congo Basin in eastern Cameroon in the Yokadouma district

Youth, women and men are involved in the project through educational talks on climate changes, the fight against hunger and poverty and the reduction of inequalities
The project started in 2018 from the observation made on the destruction of pygmees camps by the abusive cutting of trees and the destruction of rivers and water sources by the miners
We sensitize, and train pygmies in their different camps in order to raise awareness on the consequences of the destruction of their ecosystem and we jointly initiate projects of trees planting, filling holes dug by miners.
The inovation is that the project is implemented in the Pygmies languages (BAKA) so that Pygmees can truly understand the message and importance of the SDGs.
The project is transformative in the sens that it awakens the consciences of the Pygmies peoples who, with the knowledge received, become advocates for the protection of the forest and the rivers, which is not only their living environment, but also gives them everything they need to live
As impact we have :
- A solid understanding of what the SDGs are and what they mean for Pygmies;
- Increased recognition of the contribution Pygmies to Sustainable development Goals
- Increased and diversified opportunities for Pygmies people to contribute to Sustainable development Goals.

About the Organization /Team

Blessed Action for Africa is an organization that works on capacity building of youth of rural and urban communities of sustainable development goals.
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Realated SDGs
2 Zero Hunger 6 Clean Water & Sanitation 10 Reduced Inequalities 13 Climate Action