Silicon Valley’s Hyper Local Innovation Journey

A project by Winners of Wonder

Empowered disenfranchised youth with innovation skills - solving hyperlocal challenges and building sustainable communities with micro social entrepreneurs
This project inspired disenfranchised youth (aboriginal tribes of India), equipped them with the latest technology and empowered them to solve hyper-local challenges. Bridging the innovation skills gap, the project also focused on building self-sustainable communities with micro-social entrepreneurs by utilizing the full power of community, partnerships, innovative thinking & technology.

Started in August 2018, the project discovered issues faced by aboriginal tribes: from low-income population to poor civic infrastructure, to lack of sufficient electricity and clean water, the tribal areas face several local challenges. There were other hurdles to be overcome – providing easy access to technology, changing hardened mindsets, inculcating a scientific temper and a do-it-yourself attitude, and most importantly ensuring the availability of mentors who can inspire and guide youth as they move along this journey.

It was with this in mind that this project collaborated and partnered with government, academia, communities, and non-profits, leading to immensely heartening impact on disenfranchised youth.

1. Relentless focus on Shaping the Future - Building Tech to solve local challenges:
Beyond the language and cultural barriers, 240+ disadvantage youth gave free rein to their imagination and incorporated technology in simple ways to address their complex problems. They built solutions such as – High Tech aid for Rescue operations in times of Tsunami, Empire of Trash pickers (Drones), coral-reef regeneration, etc.

2. The journey from Innovators to Micro-social Entrepreneurs:
Through Rapid Prototyping Camps, this project created a platform exposing young innovators to the pool of mentors from the ecosystem, thereby accelerating the tech creations to the community. Experts from various backgrounds guided the innovators as they experimented new models to find workable solutions to local problems.

As the efforts spanned over the last 6 months, this project realized the criticality of preparing young innovators for the future of India. The journey for each of innovator has been transformational.

About the Organization /Team

A team of young individuals, passionate about changing the lives of people through their work. Based out of Bangalore, this wonderful team aims to shape the future of innovation by providing right support and mentorship to makers, developers and startups. The team extensively engages with communities, government, academia and non-profits to scale and sustain the efforts in the ecosystem. Focused on building Innovation Ready India, “New India”, the team is leading a nation-wide movement to transform the next generation of youth into technology innovators
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