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Voice for Africa Development Initiative works around the communities of Nigeria to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice using the Sustainable D
The aim of the project is to enable young person’s get involved in doing things in a sustainable way, strives to balance the economic, environmental and the social needs of their immediate communities, engage, inspire, motivate, collaborate and ensure they own the various projects they embark upon thereby living no one behind. Our target are children and youths who mostly live in hard to reach area of the community in 7 States of Nigeria including Abuja. The village head of the various communities we have reached, the children and youth, our volunteers and Voice for Africa Development Initiative members. They help in disseminate of information, translation and transfer knowledgeThe project started in 2015 by some members of the group trying to understand what the Global Goals is all about and ways our communities would be of immense benefits from the UN Global Goals. We use three approaches which is understanding the SDGs, create awareness about the global goals and thereafter encourage their peers to take action so that no one is left behind. Our initiative is innovative because it tend to make the youth and young people of the communities as well as their elders who attends our training session understand the UN Sustainable Development Goals, help them use the goals to create awareness (A Goal per groups of five persons) and carry out program and projects that other youth would like to get involved in carrying out the projects. (Taking Action). The initiative had impacted many young individuals (5 youth /group,) and we have 17 groups per the global goals. Members can now facilitate and engage other young people in their various communities and our reached is 8,330 young person and we hope to do more (7 states in Nigeria, 14 communities, 17 global goals, 5 ambassadors/goals)

About the Organization /Team

Voice for Africa Development Initiative is a team of five young individuals with a mandate of leaving no one behind and reaching out to young persons of between the ages of 8 – 16 in rural communities, schools and hamlet. We use the everyday situation to talk about the global like Zero hunger and No Poverty for people living in conflict zone like Maiduguri etc.
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Realated SDGs
1 No Poverty 2 Zero Hunger 4 Quality Education 17 Partnerships for the Goals