Ecohuellas, the docuseries

A project by Pilar Piana

Ecohuellas gives visibility to local sustainable examples that solve global sustainable problems, to foster resilient communities and the green transition.
Through the docuseries we aim to raise environmental awareness, and foster resilient communities and the green transition through entertaining and useful content.

The docuseries films real stories that are having an impact in the community, shows what was their motivation to first start with what they are doing and what obstacles they had to face along the way. 95% of them had to work on their project and dream without market or federal incentives. The docuseries provides a platform to local sustainable examples that solve global sustainable problems. We give visibility to all those actors whom are making the sustainable transition a fact by developing, innovating or creating a sustainable product or service. And to those who look to connect, share stories, opinions, information and consume products and services but do not know where to find the information. Ecohuellas aired in Ecuador, Central America and the United States.

We make the environmental issues become a commonplace by means of a disruptive and entertaining content found useful and that appeals to the feelings, avoiding a complaint or catastrophic approach.

According to statistics, 51% of the world's citizens are worried about climate change and it is expected to increase to 79% in the coming years, specially in Latin América. Investing in environmental awareness will save six dollars for every dollar spent on federal grants aimed at improving disaster resilience. So, if the exposure to natural hazards will increase in the coming decades, how do we raise awareness about the sustainable transition to the vast majority if this is still considered “too niche or a difficult topic”?

After 11 years of a competitive tennis career as number one in doubles and singles, Pilar created Ecohuellas in 2009. She has created five seasons of the docuseries and know is working on a new one.

About the Organization /Team

Pilar is a journalist and an innovation consultant. With the organization they managed to produce 5 seasons of the docuseries Ecohuellas, 2 seasons of the live action TV show for children called EcoGeneration, as well as a board game of adventures and wildlife conservation awareness for children called Vitaräy and an environmental business magazine. The docuserie Ecohuellas received an award as the best TV program in the category of Climate Change granted by the Association of Educational Televisors, ATEI (Seville, Spain). In addition, both Ecohuellas and Eco Generation were finalists of the TAL (Latin American Television) awards in Montevideo, Uruguay
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