NEQABTY, Fin-Tech Mobile app for Labor and Vocational Syndicates members

A project by 2030 Builders, LLC, Startupbootcamp, Global Startup Accelerators

NEQABTY is a mobile app aims to bridge the gap between the syndicates and their members, service providers, financial sector and Governmental institutions.
- “NEQABATY “the Arabic name of the word Syndicate, and from here came the idea of choosing the application name to be “NEQABTY” which in English means “My Syndicate” to enforce the idea of bonding & connecting members with their syndicates.
- Labor Syndicates and Vocational Syndicates are considers as officially authorized civil society organizations that support their members with a lot of important services like Social Pension insurance, Medical insurance, Recruiting ,Training Courses, Trips Booking , ….etc. the problem here is there is a huge gap in getting such services duo to lack of technology applied that cause poor communications.
- We are targeting 11 Million of members in Egypt which are the current active syndicate members beside people whom eligible to join but not join yet.
- We are technically integrated Main stakeholder are the syndicates and their members,
- NEQABTY startup had started in Feb 2017 under American University entrepreneurship center- Fin Tech Program.
- Establishing Mobile application with easy Arabic interface and backend that availing the services with payment method.
- We are replacing the traditional plastic membership card to impeded digital identity on the mobile phone.
- With using NEQABTY application, no need to visit the syndicate to get the needed service, just use the application.
- We save a lot of wasted time in reaching the syndicate premises and apply transparency and equality by availing the services for all members on the same time.

About the Organization /Team

2030 builders is LLC ,we are Fin-Tech start up in partnership with global startup boot camp.
Founded By Mohamed Gamal, I Have more than 18 years of experience in applying digital transformation in Mega governmental projects in Egypt that service millions of Egyptian people.
Our team is consisting of eight members for with highly oriented technical and business background.
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