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Our event name is “SEE hope”. We hope that we stimulate people’s commitment toward the sea pollution nowadays. This is why we gather our stakeholders as m
Since the Sea Pollution has gradually become world crisis which is only second to the Climate Change. We start to think about what can we do for our environment to decrease the damage.
We strongly believe that LITE-ON has the responsibility to make change. As one of a biggest group in the world

In recent years, LITE-ON aims to leverage its existing advantage as a world-class enterprise in this age of changes and challenges. When it comes to change, we pop up an idea which is coastline cleanup. We expect we can raise all of our colleagues’s awareness about sustainable development through the experiences. Coastline Cleanup is the best choice for us to showcase our determination toward the action of decreasing the plastic waste. Coastline Cleanup can not only make people to witnesses how serious the plastic pollution we had made but also gather amounts of people together at the same time.

Instead of Coastline cleanup, LITE-ON also take other series actions in order to make sure that we engage and motivate our stakeholders as much as possible. During the coastline cleanup , we held a micro exhibition for our clients and suppliers to exhibit their milestones on sustainability. Besides, we also held a ceremony to celebrate we officially start to work with social enterprise and the local government. (1.Social Enterprise Project:Cooperate with them to initiate a brand new technology to reproduce the Styrofoam we get along the coastline and our assembly line;2.Government Cooperation Project:We try to work with Peng-Hu County Government to help them cleanup the coastline waste)

About the Organization /Team

We are Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility Committee. After the Paris Agreement was signed in 2015, LITE-ON start to re-plan our sustainability strategy. We commit that we will uncover the risks and opportunities that climate brought us in the important reports we have with the reference of which is released by the TCFD.
we are the team who helps the company, LITE-ON, to take well planned actions to strives for sustainability. We do strongly believe that we can create a sustainable world one day by taking our actions.
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