Project Abandon Female Genital Mutilation

A project by Value Female Network

FGM survivor led project which has engaged over 5000 young people, 8 traditional cutters and 4 communities to abandon FGM practice and lead END FGM advocacy
Project Abandon Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) is a multi-phase project which started in 2016 and has spanned till 2019. It is aimed at reducing the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Osun state and Nigeria at large. The projects targets traditional cutters, traditional and religious rulers, FGM survivors and young people in Osun State, Nigeria, to end FGM. Nigeria Medical students' association, Behavioural change communication (BCC) volunteers, UNFPA Nigeria, Anti FGM champions,media partners, and Secondary School heads were involved in the implementation of the project.
The project started in 2016 after conducting an FGM and discovered that the prevalence of FGM is high across six states in Nigeria. Been a multi-phase project, United Nation Population funds Lagos liason office provided funds and technical support for the first phase that entails massive advocacy walk across five Southwestern States in Nigeria- Osun, Oyo, Ekiti, Ogun and Lagos. The other phases which were implemented include: high level advocacy to law makers for the enactment of Osun State anti FGM law, grass root sensitization on FGM, young people's engagement through advocacy training and platforms, mass and social media enlightenment on FGM,FGM survivours circle which provided survivours of FGM with psychological support and FGM rescue mobile line . Our innovative approach is to put young people at the fore front of our End FGM advocacy and empower traditional cutters with skills to provide alternate source of income after abandoning FGM practice. Over 4000 young people knowledge about FGM increased from <20% to >90% and also impacted with advocacy skills. 4 communities with an estimated population of 2100 have abandoned Female Genital Mutilation Practice and 8 traditional cutters were empowered. Also, Osun anti FGM law has been enacted and lives and futures of girls are preserved as a result of Project.

About the Organization /Team

Value Female Network (established in 2016) is a registered, youth led, nonprofit organization that is committed to promoting and protecting rights of women and girls and building network of productive young people.
We are passionate about advancing SDG 3- Good health and well being, 4- Quality Education, 5-Gender Equality in Osun state and Nigeria at large.
We operate by integrating advocacy, technology and behavioral change communication methods to make grass root and national impacts.
We 15 team members, 2 paid staffs and 75 volunteers across Nigeria.
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Realated SDGs
3 Good Health & Well-Being 5 Gender Equality