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A project by Aida Daeichiyan Karandi

Making a stop motion for all the dreams . I want to say all of us, regardless of skin color, race or nationality can turn our dream into reality.
The purpose of this project is to change from within your heart. And change your look to life. There is a dream for all men and women around the world. Many of them leave goal and dream. This film is made for everyone who has a dream.
I started this project when I read a quote from Michaela DePrince. so I decided to make my first film(stop motion) about this.No one helped me and I alone tried.and I made puppet with tissue paper and the my proscenium was a carton box. This film is a messenger of hope and effort .some of the people try and the decision to make their dream after watched this film. And they overcome their despair. It is interesting to know that this movie is only 1 minute . I think despair is one of the causes of fights and violence.And perhaps this project able to turn on the light of hope and Earth a permanent place of peace and friendship. in the end as Michaela writes. "It doesn't matter if you dream of being a doctor, a teacher, a writer or a ballerina. "Every dream begins with one step. After that. you must work hard and practice every day. If you never give up. your dream will come true.")

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