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PROMAGRIC develops solutions dedicated to agriculture in order to improve the productivity and the profitability of the agricultural sector
PROMAGRIC was legally founded on July 25, 2017, this project aims to develop solutions oriented towards agriculture in order to improve the profitability, the productivity of the agricultural sector and to allow the women to be autonomous. In a few months of existence, PROMAGRIC mobilized 2200 farmers and passed through its platform 1500 tons of agricultural products.
PROMAGRIC is working on the BIOGAZ technology which offers farmers and households the opportunity to recycle their household waste and preserve the environment. We trained 150 learners on this technology and installed biodigesters in about 20 households.
Biogas offers multiple benefits that are categorized according to their impacts:
GENDER: The time, the difficulties of collecting firewood and the daily cleaning of the pots are considerably reduced thanks to the use of Biogas. Cooking with biogas is much faster and easier. Unlike firewood, biogas does not produce smoke and does not require constant attention.
HEALTH: The use of biogas improves health through reductions in respiratory diseases, eye violations and lung problems.
ECONOMIC: The use of biogas offers a significant reduction in the costs associated with the purchase of fuels. Residues from bio-digesters increase agricultural yield and therefore guarantee food security. The development of biogas creates employment opportunities for local builders, an investment sector for private operators and financial institutions.
ENVIRONMENT: The use of biogas significantly contributes to the reduction of deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and soil protection through the use of organic waste residues released by the bio-digester.
PROMAGRIC is also working on the Clinique Agricole project whose role is to diagnose plants through an image taken by a smartphone. We implement advanced artificial intelligence technology to achieve excellent image recognition.
PROMAGRIC is a family, a passion and our goal is to popularize digital around the world to allow millions of farmers to live with the fruit of their work.

About the Organization /Team

PROMAGRIC is led by Pyrrus KOUDJOU, Analyst / Programmer and Ing. Computer network work and grandson of a farmer in distress, he is surrounded by Mr. SIME ROSTAND operations manager, Mr. Joel MBOUTCHOUANG Agronomist Engineer of the Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences of Dschang University
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Realated SDGs
5 Gender Equality 7 Affordable & Clean Energy 8 Decent work and economic growth