Ari - Sanitary pad dispenser

A project by Inteco Kenya

We are the last mile accountability and transparency solution of sanitary pads in schools through use of technology. We have reached 500 girls in 2018
Ari is a sanitary pad dispenser that utilizes technology to ensure sexual reproductive health products (access to sanitary pads as our pioneer product) to all adolescent girls categorized by WHO (World Health Organization) 10-19 years across Kenya. It will improve lives by ensuring that all adolescent girls have better and private access to sanitary pads across the country within their academic institutions.This project is different than existing solutions because it penetrates previously closed markets where traditional distribution had no access in schools as well as eradicate human interference in the supply chain. Our machines also provide accountability and monitoring systems for sanitary pads.

We work with NGOs, institutions and local government These entities are already providing sanitary pads to the schools in their various programs. We work with them to provide sanitary pads to the girls.

We started in July 2013 with a coin based machine. However after working with communities, teachers and the students we created a cashless system that has tracking capabilities.

We ensure accountability by installing a sanitary pad machine in the school. We issue out a card to the girls which has a unique identifier. The card allows the girl to access our machine. On our end we get to see who used the machine, at what time and how many pads were dispensed.
Our initiative is innovative because we solve the last mile problem which is making sure that the intervention reaches the intended beneficiary without human interference.
Our initiative is transformative because of the data we are collecting. At its fullest potential our system will be able to tell the country's adolescent needs for sanitary pads.
We have piloted this concept in 5 schools across 4 counties targeting 500 girls. We have been able to generate reports on usage and in some cases abuse.

About the Organization /Team

Ari started in 2013 we offer private, convenient and accountable access to sanitary pads.
Munira Twahir is the founder,
James Kuria is the logistic and operations manager,
Emmanuel Kinyanjui is a Mechatronic Engineer and
Nancy Kiilu is in charge of business development.
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Realated SDGs
3 Good Health & Well-Being 4 Quality Education 5 Gender Equality