Addressing and Preventing Malnutrition

A project by SNEH Foundation

Apart from the direct intervention through Therapeutic food being given to those kids identified as SAM/MAM, a lot of importance is given to awareness sessions.
1. The aim of the project is Prevention, Early identification, and intervention of Malnutrition among children from urban slums from the age group of 0-5 years
2. Target population: Direct intervention: children between 0-5 years, Indirect intervention: Family and communities, the Project is being run in the urban slums of PCMC- Pune (India)
3. Tata Motors is involved as a CSR partner, ICDS Anganwadi centers are involved as a stakeholder for referral and people from the marginalized community along with SNEH Foundation's social workers and community link workers are involved for the identification and intervention
4. The project started in 2012 when Tata motors- Pune decided to work on Eradicating malnutrition among the slums surrounding the Tata Motors plant situated in Pune. The project is annual and is renewed every year as per the need.
5. Below is the process of the Project:
A. Primary Screening/Field Survey: Survey will be conducted in the target areas and anthropometry to be done to get the weight, height, MUAC of the malnourished kids.
B.Medical Screening: Expert pediatricians from SNEH Healthcare Group will screen all the children and identified medical complications. A final list of 300 kids will be generated in the project scope.
C. NRC Referral: Kids with medical complications will be referred to Nutrition Rehabilitation Center (NRC), Aundh Civil Hospital, Pune.
D.Appetite Test:
E. Medication: All the children under scope will be given deworming tablets and antibiotics. Idea is to get the kids ready for the therapeutic intervention.
F. Therapeutic Intervention: Special feed i.e. RUTF for SAM kids and RUSF for MAM kids will be initiated for 8 weeks. MAM kids will be given multivitamins, iron & calcium syrups
G. Awareness sessions
H.Final Anthropometry & Closure: Final anthropometry to be done a week prior to project closure; status of kids will be broadcasted to the stakeholders; Official project closure.

About the Organization /Team

SNEH Foundation was founded as an NGO in 2011 by a group of pediatricians and passionate volunteers. We have been triumphantly working since 2011 in the areas of Early childhood education, Malnutrition, primary healthcare, and community development for more than eight years. We have five Pre-primary