Participatory Development and Rural Sustainable Livelihoods

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The main objective of this study is to assess the implementation of development projects in the Tsholotsho district in Zimbabwe; particularly in Tsholotsho
Participatory development has been identified as an important aspect for the development of communities in Zimbabwe; however its actual impact towards rural sustainable livelihoods on beneficiaries is not seen. It seems to be more of an issue of rhetoric rather than of practice because the effective institutionalization of the participatory element in development programmes has been much of a significant challenge. Development interventions in Zimbabwe have been more of a top-down approach and thus continues to fail to address the needs of beneficiary communities.
Due to the lack of participation, people find themselves being passive recipients instead of being active participants in development programmes and as a result they are exposed to absolute poverty. In comparison to all the provinces in Zimbabwe, Matabeleland North, where Tsholotsho is found, is predominantly rural and has the highest prevalence of poverty in the country, with 87.0% of its households being deemed poor (ZimStat, 2012:70). Their conditions of living are still deteriorating with hardships manifesting in the form of hunger, diseases, lack of access to water, shelter, health facilities and other basic necessities. Participatory development has become a theoretically popular concept yet with no corresponding evidence of community participation in development projects. The local poor are mobilised in delivering material resources and labour power for the boosting of projects while not taking part in the shaping of these programmes. The people are not in a position of power to render information on what they consider as necessary and important. The project started in 2015 after realizing that there was a gap to be filled when it comes to participatory development in the area. Therefore, it is against this background that this research seeks to examine the implementation of participatory development towards bringing about rural sustainable livelihoods in Zimbabwe’s Tsholotsho District.

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