Global Enterprise Experience

A project by Te Kaihau Education Trust

We develop leaders who inspire teams to make ideas happen; active citizens who take responsibility to solve issues; and social entrepreneurs who use the market
Imagine today you receive an email from the Global Enterprise Experience organiser with the details of your global team. You discover that your eight team members hail from a powerful nation like the United States, a tiny island like Tonga, an emergent economy like China, a trade centre like the Netherlands, a peace broker like Jordan, a remote country like New Zealand, a recovering society like Rwanda, and a Venezuelan refugee now living in Colombia. Half are university students doing it as part of a course, and the rest are volunteers from all walks of life. Together you have three weeks to work as a global team, communicating via the internet.

A thousand other enrollees across 60 countries are also opening their emails to find who is in their global team.

These 120 teams will stretch themselves to develop a business concept proposal for a profitable product or service that uses limited start-up capital to address a UN Sustainable Development Goal. In just three weeks they will experiment with technologies to connect virtually, build a team culture, generate creative ideas, jointly choose a project idea, research it, and write a quality proposal that covers strategy, marketing, economic evaluation, financing and making it happen.

They will step up to peer-leadership taking joint responsibility for all aspects of the team effort. And they will encounter world views and life challenges that they had never previously imagined. Then, at some moment, they will embrace their colleagues as like-minded visionaries committed to forging a better world.

There are awards and prize money for the champion team proposal, leader, and peer-leader, as well as seed funding for an individual to make the team concept happen. However, the greatest outcome is a thousand emergent leaders stepping up their potential to make a difference in the world.

About the Organization /Team

We grow ethical leaders who make new ideas happen. Our expertise is in welding together processes that drive experiential education, individual initiative, creative problem solving, leadership responsibility, and ethical values. Our work includes the ‘Global Enterprise Experience’ for emerging youth leaders around the world, ‘Project-Based Learning’ for enriching school learning, ‘Youth Voices’ for youth impacting public opinion and decision makers, ‘Export Bridge’ to experientially learn about trade, ‘Innovation Clinics’ to foster social innovations across the public sector, ‘Boys to Men’ and ‘Men to Men’ workshops in Africa, and ‘OD Clinics” for chief executives and senior managers to transform organisation development.
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