The Civic X Project- Mobile Learning Lab

A project by Civic Foundation for Innovation

Civic X- Mobile Learning Lab: taking tech & innovation to rural communities because access to tech and innovation should be a right!
Although technology is gradually integrating into the lives of Nigerians, there is a rural-urban divide in terms of digital education. Rural areas lack access to digital skills and training due to proximity to educational centers and lack of infrastructure.

Civic X is an initiative of Civic Foundation for Innovation. The project is poised to boost digital literacy in rural communities and internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps across northern Nigeria. The target audience of the project includes women (21-40 years old) and children (10-18 years old) who reside in under-served or rural communities.

Civic Foundation for innovation assembles a team of experts, volunteers, and a project manager. The team inputs collaborative efforts to ensure the kids and women learn across an array of topics including tech, basic programming, and financial literacy.

We promote Quality Education (Goal 4) and Reduced Inequality (Goal 10) of the United Nations- Sustainable Development Goals
We have identified a clear disconnection between internally displaced children who visited our innovation hub and tech equipment like computers and 3D printers.

From our baseline survey, 80% of the kids that visited us had never seen a computer and only 15% of those who had seen one had used it before. Seven months later, we deployed the Civic X Project- equipped with TV screens, and educational programs.

We engage beneficiaries twice a week spending 2 hours per class. Mentors connect with the kids and women from anywhere in the world. We have engaged well over 300 beneficiaries and project to impact 50,000 persons in the next 18 months.

Imagine a rural community underpinned by technology; a village that is self-reliant and thriving. Imagine a place where children can access digital skills and learning. We are creating alternative career paths for children and improving the lives of women; taking technology to rural communities and breaking boundaries!

About the Organization /Team

Civic Foundation for Innovation is a hub for social entrepreneurs and an incubator for start-ups. It is a place where government, private and development agencies can find solutions involving innovation. We believe technology is a major tool to leverage on creating social solutions.
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Realated SDGs
4 Quality Education 10 Reduced Inequalities