Rescuers for Nature

A project by NGO “Mountain rescue center”

Introduction of the new methods of the eco-education for the local population in close cooperation with administrations of the nature protected areas and NGOs
Main project purpose is organization of the activities on conservation of the unique nature within the area of Dniester regional landscape park in Ivano-Frankivsk region (Ukraine).
Target groups: local communities along Dniester river; administrations of the nature protected areas; NGOs and educational institutions working in the sphere of active tourism and nature conservation; volunteers; local population; tourists.

Involved bodies:
- up to 10 rural communities and Administration of the Dniester regional landscape park - providing informational and material support to the project activities, participation in their organization and implementation;
- members and volunteers of the NGO “Mountain rescue center” - coordination and implementation of the project activities;
- Ivano-Frankivsk regional council - co-financing of some of the activities.

Project duration: the project started in early summer of 2018 as a common idea of NGO “Mountain rescue center” and Dniester regional landscape park with object to protect the Dniester river from building the cascade of hydro-power stations here.

Project implementation: within the project 5 round tables with local communities’ representatives (up to 220 participants) were held on issues of the Dniester canyon nature preservation, minimization of possibilities for hydro-power stations construction and the search for alternative areas for the development of the territory having in mind the SDGs.
We also arranged an eco-path of 7,5 km along the Dniester and organized eco-campaign on cleaning of the Dniester banks from the garbage; the map of the area with nature reserve objects on it was issued and distributed among the target groups, as well as within the presentation of the region at international tourism exhibitions. The information about the project activities was widely disseminated through mass-media, social networks and was published at project partners' web-sites.
Innovation: introduction of the new methods of the environmental education for the local population.
Transformation of the initiative: the project idea has provided the base for the new eco-initiatives for the sake of the river.
Impact: enhancement of the cooperation with local communities, administrations of the nature protected areas and regional NGOs in the field of nature preservation and eco-tourism development.

Our micro-project was supported by the "Program of Environmental Public Initiatives for the East and West of Ukraine" implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

About the Organization /Team

Our organization was created in 2014. It is leaded by the professional rescuer with 20-years’ experience and unites professional and voluntary rescuers of the Ivano-Frankivsk region; promotes active healthy lifestyle and conducts activities on safety guiding, assistance and search-rescue actions in mountains, at rivers.
The project team consists of our NGO members and volunteers, representatives of Dniester regional landscape park administration and Ivano-Frankivsk regional council.
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Realated SDGs
11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production