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Madhvi Chittoor's creative approach is based on "inclusion" and leveraging her talents for sustainability and ecosystem ethics advocacy.
Driven by the affliction of ocean animals and birds caused by the "Plastic Soup" of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Ms. Madhvi Chittoor, a 7-year-old girl founder of a non-profit Madhvi4EcoEthics, is spearheading a paradigm shift to advocating EcoEthics enabling sustainable choices in lieu of non-green convenience and greedy economics. The paradigm is based on transformational premises of ecosystems as opposed to a silo environment, socio-economic development, targeting manufacturers, inclusivity of city, state, national, institutional, individual actors and sectors of the economy and leveraging her talents as an author, music composer, pianist, violinist, animator, martial artist to find common ground with others with similar talents for her global advocacy efforts.
Her award-winning book “Is Plastic My Food?” is available at
She collaborated with US Congressman Mr.Perlmutter and the former Governor of Colorado Mr. Hickenlooper to declare April as “Plastic and Styrofoam Pollution Awareness Month” for Colorado.
Her signature campaign to replace Styrofoam containers with paper containers, in her school district directly impacting 18000 students, resulted in the establishment of Sustainability Committee by the Superintendent/Chief Learner of Jeffco Schools. She is also the mastermind behind the campaign “Every School A Green School”, a very transformative grassroots program. Her art sculpture, “Fish or Foam?” was kept on display at the State Capitol to raise awareness about Styrofoam pollution to waterways, wildlife and human health too. She calls herself as "EcoEthics Ninja", "No Styrofoam Ninja". She is teaming up with Master Mike Chat, 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo, Hollywood actor, stuntman and founder of XMA martial arts, to take her sustainability message globally to all Victory Martial Arts Schools and 220000-member strong ATA.
Her composition “Harmony with Nature” and award-winning animation “Zero-Waste Hero” is available on
She is the Honorary Youth Ambassador for Plastic Pollution Coalition.

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Madhvi4EcoEthics ia a Non-profit organisation founded in 2017 by a now 7 year old girl when she was 6 years old advocating Ecoethics enabling sustainable change in lieu of non-green convenience & greedy economics to protect Ecosystems.
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