“The most important countdown of the year”

A project by Newlink group, RTVE & High Commissioner 2030 Agenda

Minutes prior to the traditional Christmas countdown, we ran a spot that talked about a more important countdown: mother's earth 2030 countdown.
At the end of each year, people recap the whole year that has already passed and think of new challenges for the following year. That's why we wanted to emphasized global challenges rather than personal ones.
The aim of this project is to allow individuals to be aware that there is another important countdown for the world more than New Year's Eve, making a call to action for citizens to start mobilizing.
The campaign started as a governmental initiative. For that, we agreed to change the profile pictures of all corporate social media accounts of the Government such as ministries and State agencies, including the account of the President, on December 31st. As we filled the different social media network with the logo of the 2030 Agenda and also with messages with the hashtag #Soy2030, citizens and companies started also to change their avatars to ours. To seize the opportunity to promote the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs, we broadcasted on public TV the ad with the countdown and the following sentence “11 years left”. With a voice-off that said:
“There is a more important countdown than the one of tonight. In a few hours we will have exactly 11 years to build the world we want. We have less time to reach the year 2030.
What are you going to do, to take advantage of the opportunity that we have, to change the world?"
The ad, ended with the High Commissioner’s web page and logo.
On December 31st, everybody watches TV in Spain. It means that the audience number is higher than any other day. With the triple alliance of the private sector, public TV and the High Commissioner for Agenda 2030, we managed to broadcast an ad on such a busy and important day.

About the Organization /Team

Newlink Spain is borned from the merge of Newlink and Globally the third largest public relations agency in Spain, leader in lifestyle, luxury, fashion beauty and tourism sectors, with more than 20 years of history. The joint venture propels the companies to become one of the largest communications firms serving Spanish-speaking markets internationally in terms of billings, clients and number of employees.

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