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With such a broad array of factors affecting our Earth, so must a broad approach be taken to preserve it. Ideas of all kinds will be welcome, for all, from all.
The vision for this online database is to provide a platform for the open and free sharing of global sustainability efforts. Any individual, business, or community may easily come to post its respective environmentally sustainable practices, projects, or features, in order to inspire and stimulate further projects, worldwide. This will be a place where practices at every level will not only be showcased, but welcomed, and a hub for active and constructive communication on how to improve projects or implement them into different environments.

This project began in the beginning of last year, and though it has not had very large impact to date, submissions have been received from nations over six continents. Though its central focus falls in line with other online databases, it differs in its availability to any and all persons, its design to utilize the power in open online media sharing, and its very high ease of use. To post, only a picture and short description of your feature are required, with submissions currently showcased comprising of projects toward the conservation of natural resources, minimization of waste, the use of repurposed building materials, and similar endeavors.

With this, I do believe there is incredible potential in utilizing this site as a powerful tool for stimulating public awareness and involvement toward global sustainability efforts, along with an additional number of valuable benefits. At its core, the database is designed to be universally beneficial, allowing communities of any size or type to find projects that would suit their own budget or levels of resources. A future filter page will also serve as perhaps the most impactful tool provided, allowing any entity to quickly sift through the entire database and be shown the specific options available for them to embrace sustainability in their particular situation.

About the Organization /Team

Ambient Green (AmbientGreenery.com) is an online database/website created and run by Novella Landau in the United States. She is a mechanical engineer in Texas, with a focus on approaching sustainability issues from a wide lens, and a great devotion to this work.
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9 Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities 12 Responsible Consumption & Production 13 Climate Action 14 Life Below Water 15 Life on Land