Nosotras Women Connecting

A project by Fabrica de Historias

Our approach is making stronger communities of women who get together to give solutions not only to the challenges they face as women but us as society.
Nosotras Women Connecting is a platform movement that advocates for gender equality and inclusion by connecting vulnerable girls and women with well-established female leaders in a mentoring space to not only empower them, but also to strengthen their entrepreneurial, political and soft skills for them to become the new impact leaders of their communities.
This initiative does this through: Leadership Workshops for girls, young female entrepreneurs and minorities, using artistic and storytelling strategies; News & Features - a work toward media equality to amplify women’s voices; An annual mayor TED Level Conference with outstanding female leaders both from Costa Rica and Latin America.

Nosotras Women Connecting, declared of national interest in Costa Rica by the Government of the Republic of Costa Rica, decree N. 40798 - MP-MCM, works thanks to public-private alliances between Fábrica de Historias, the Vice-presidency of Costa Rica, Ministry of Women, Viceminister of Youth, UNICEF, UNFPA, HIVOS, SINART (National and Public TV station), among others.

Nosotras Women Connecting creates virtuous circles of women who work together to build a new league of women leaders that transform gender gaps and impact their communities to be more inclusive, fair and caring with all humans. All of this through our leadership labs for girls and women, the follow up, our storytelling platform and our major event which help us to reach bigger audiences and decision-makers.

About the Organization /Team

Fabrica de Historias is a creative and artistic hub that looks for the re invention of the way people and communities communicate and connect through storytelling, arts, culture and gender based project.

Our team is located mostly in Costa Rica and they are a combination of creatives, social communicators, artists, anthropologists, journalists and politicians. They are part of the creative and implementing team who make all this dream possible. We are a diverse group of young people who are passionate about the idea of making a world more inclusive and fair.
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Realated SDGs
5 Gender Equality