Lebanon | Arab States

Cases of domestic abuse in Lebanon have skyrocketed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Already existing gender-based violence risks at home and public spaces are exacerbated due to self-isolation, misuse of power, heightened tensions, financial uncertainties and disruption of life-saving services. On 16 April, ABAAD launched a nationwide awareness campaign amidst lockdown under the hashtag #LockdownNotLockup, asking people to share ABAAD’s Helpline from their balconies along with messages of solidarity. The purpose was to tell women residing behind closed doors that they are not alone and that they can reach out for support when needed. Hundreds of people took part in ABAAD’s initiative across Lebanon, sharing messages of hope and telling women that they don’t have to suffer in silence.

The #LockdownNotLockup campaign was picked up by national, regional and international media. It reached approximately 3.5 million people online, and counting!

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