To enter a project or initiative to win an SDG Action Award please carefully prepare the application by filling in the form below. It is recommended that you download the questions and prepare your answers in advance. A public profile page will be generated on the SDG Action Awards website for each entry.

Required details

Details of your initiative for your public profile

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Guiding questions
  • What is the aim of this project?
  • Who is targeted/impacted by your work and where?
  • Who is involved and how are they involved?
  • When and how did the project start?
  • How do you do it?
  • How is your initiative innovative?
  • How is it transformative?
  • What has been the impact?

Details about your organisation/team

Tell us about your organization/team
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Questions for judges to review This section is for internal review only

Guiding questions to consider when preparing your answer
  • Is this the first time this has been done this way?
  • Does it offer a whole new way to address a problem?
  • Does it reach 'outside of the typical bubble' to influence new/different stakeholders?
Guiding questions to consider when preparing your answer
  • How many people have participated/been impacted by your work, and how?
  • Is there a lasting impact?
Guiding questions to consider when preparing your answer
  • Is your project breaking down silos?
  • Does it have a tangible effect on people's lives?
  • Does it change the way things are done?
  • Does it offer potential legacy/sustained change?
  • Does it reach those generally left behind?
  • Can it be replicated in other sectors/regions?
  • Is it scalable to different contexts?

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