Honourable Mentions

Samsung Global Goals App

Utilizing the latest app technology to increase awareness about the Global Goals and accelerate SDG progress through individual acts of change

The Samsung Global Goals app – created in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme– is increasing awareness of the 17 Global Goals and accelerating progress through individual acts of change. The education and donation-based app connects millions of users to critical information about each of the Goals and to easy and meaningful ways to make a difference.

The Samsung Global Goals app is pre-installed on all the latest Galaxy smartphones and is available for all Android users. Since August 2019, the app has reached 80M+ users worldwide and has raised over $1 million in donations. The funds have contributed to the UNDP’s progress in improving the quality of education, combating climate change, and advocating for gender equality; including supporting the immediate crisis and the long-term recovery from COVID-19.

Through the creative use of their devices, Samsung is reaching consumers where they are at and offering their community easy ways to get involved in making the bold changes needed to turn it around for people and planet. In 2021, Samsung aims to build upon their impact by committing to future app investments which incorporate new educational content and devise new and simple ways to motivate their community to learn, share and act together to help achieve the Global Goals by 2030.

By embracing our spirit of open collaboration, we’re empowering the Galaxy community through education and easy, simple actions to build a more sustainable future for all.