The COVID-19 pandemic has unleashed an unprecedented crisis for the world. Around the world people are suffering from sickness, economic strain, and access to food, sanitation and shelter—upending lives indiscriminately.  Yet in the midst of this global health crisis, acts of kindness and solidarity are burgeoning, helping neighborhoods, communities, and people everywhere to adapt to the new norm.

The UN SDG Action Campaign launched a call for stories of solidarity in action, to highlight the generous and impactful work that individuals and organizations have been taking to support communities as we navigate a pandemic and look toward recovery. Nominations poured in from individuals and organizations around the world sharing heartwarming acts of humanity and harmony.   

 From individual fundraisers to virtual platforms meeting the unique needs of this time to companies producing and donating essential items to frontline workers, these 50 stories of solidarity in action inspire resilience and hope in a time when we need it most. Read more

Read all 50 stories of solidarity in action: