Application fields for Mobilize, Inspire, and Connect Award Categories 


To help plan your application, please review the application questions below. If you would like to access this information in other languages, please use the translate option on the page. 

The 2022 application categories are:

Mobilize: Initiatives that mobilize hundreds of thousands, or even millions of individuals, to take action for the SDGs. Initiatives with high impact, typically involving collective and coordinated actions that mobilize people to flip the script on how we achieve 2030 Agenda. 

Inspire: Initiatives that harness the power of creativity and/or innovation to inspire a shift in behaviour for the SDGs. Initiatives and inspirational campaigns that flip the script and demonstrate impact on shifting individual behavior and/or public policies. 

Connect:   Initiatives that connect diverse partners, bridging the gap between citizens and institutions, to increase progress on the SDGs. Initiatives that flip the script on how people, organizations, and institutions connect with each other to harness commitments and accountability towards the SDGs. 


How to Apply 

To apply for an SDG Action Award please prepare a response to each section of the application form. All sections and questions are mandatory, except for those marked as ‘optional’. Only complete applications will be considered by the selection committee. Please note that the strongest entries will offer clear supporting evidence, such as photos and videos and endorsements from participants in your initiative. 


This form has been prepared to assist applicants to prepare their application before submitting via the online application form if needed. For applicants encountering challenges with access to the internet, this form can be completed and sent in by post. Please see the instructions at the end if you need to submit a postal application. 


  1. Contact Information 

Contact Information: Information you provide here will not be visible to the public. 

Focal Point Name 

Focal Point Email 

  1. Basic Information 

Name/Title of the initiative  

Country where your initiative is implemented  

City (optional)  

Team/organization behind the initiative  

What type of organization is leading the initiative?  

Social Media handles of organization/initiative 

Link to your website or other digital platforms (optional)  

How did you hear about the  SDG Action Awards?  

Category to which you are applying  

How is your initiative a good fit for the selected category for this award  

Which of the SDGs does your initiative focus on  


  1. The Story of Your Initiative 

Flip the Script is the idea of doing things differently to achieve real impact.  

Pitch us your initiative:  (up to 200 words) 

How is your initiative ‘Flipping the Script’ and rewriting the story on what is possible? What new narrative does it have the power to create?(100 words)  


  1. Review criteria 


  1. Impact: What is the impact of the initiative? (e.g. numbers of people mobilized, number of sectors involved, policies/legislation/budgets impacted, tangible shifts in behaviors) (200 words)  
  1. Approach: How innovative is this initiative’s strategy? Is it a breakthrough idea, are you approaching things in a totally new way? Is the initiative also engaging those at risk of being left behind? (200 words) 
  1. Scalability/Replicability: Does this initiative have the potential to be scaled up and/or be replicated in other contexts to accelerate the achievement of the Goals? Is there any evidence that scaling up or replication is already taking place? (200 words)  
  1. How would winning a UN SDG Action Award affect the initiative? Have you already received recognition or awards? (200 words)  


  1. Video Pitch 

Using your written pitch from ‘The Story of your Initiative’ section, please create and share a short powerful video about your initiative. Up to 2 minutes in landscape mode. Please paste the link to the video viewing platform – such as Vimeo or YouTube, with open viewing accessibility 

  1. Supporting content 

Please upload up to 3 photos that help visualize the initiative and its impact.  Please also link any additional videos that you feel help to tell the story of your initiative – ensuring there is open viewing access. 

  1. References and Evidence 

Supporting Documentation: Please share links to articles,  Social media feeds, public recognition or public comments that confirm the impact of your initiative. (optional)  

Supporting Videos: Please also link any additional videos that you feel help to tell the story of your initiative  

Recommendation Letters: Please provide us with a recommendation letter from a partner who can confirm the scope and impact of the initiative. All recommendation letters should be a maximum of 1 page in length and include the name, position, signature and contact information of the referee. Please use official letterhead. Please request that your referee address some or all of the following points in their recommendation letter:  


  1. Terms and Conditions 

I consent to my personal data being stored and processed for the purpose of SDG Action Awards program. The contents submitted in this form may be used for public promotion, however personal data will be protected. I also consent to my data being used by the UN SDG Action Campaign for establishing contact. I will be given the option to unsubscribe from future mailings unrelated to the SDG Action Awards. My data will not be used for commercial purposes. I may withdraw my consent to the use of my personal data at any time by contacting 

Now that you have prepared your application – please submit each response here (ADD APPLY BUTTON) 


Offline applications may be submitted by applicants in cases where access to the online application form is not accessible to individuals experiencing bandwidth limitations. 



To submit an offline application please send all documentation by post to the address below before the application deadline. Only applications which are postmarked on or before the application deadline will be considered by the selection committee. Please note that all postal fees are the responsibility of the applicant. 

Application Deadline: 1 May 2022, with the application portal closing at 11:59 EST. 

Application Mailing Address: 

United Nations SDG Action Campaign  

SDG Action Awards 

Platz der Vereinten Nationen 1 

53113 Bonn, Germany